Kalabagh Dam issue may come at the centre stage after Moonis Elahi’s assuming water resources ministry

Kalabagh Dam issue may come at the centre stage after Moonis Elahi's assuming water resources ministry

By Irum Saleem

Will Moonis Elahi consume his energies for the construction of Kalabagh Dam after assuming the charge of the ministry of waters resources?

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday announced inducting Moonis Elahi, the scion of the Chaudhry family of Gujrat, into the cabinet as federal minister for water resources.

Mr Moonis is a strong advocate of construction of Kalabagh Dam and he in the past ran a social media campaign in this refard.

Eyes are on the scion of Chaudhrys of Gujrat whether after taking the charge of the water resources ministry how he utilises his office for this cause he feels so strongly about.

Mr Moonis can make a big name if he manages to revive this matter of KBD which Pakistan needs direly. As many say the construction of this dam is the need of hour.

It is a very sensitive issue between Punjab, Sindh and KPK. So Mr Moonis will have tread carefully on this path.
In the past it has been seen that whosoever at the helm has raised this was subjected to criticism.

Mr Moonis will have to underline his priorities as water resources minister. Pakistan is facing scarcity of water as it reservoirs are fast depleting. To champion this cause, there is a need to evolve consensus among the provinces.

Mr Moonis will have to first float this idea in the federal cabinet. Subsequently, the provinces should be taken on board.

To fight water scarcity new water reservoirs are needed. PAK DESTINY

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