Pakistani Actresses/Models with and without makeup

Anybody who have a weak heart should not watch this video or you can have some real shock (Just Kidding). Watching actresses of any country without make really requires some strong heart but in case of Pakistani actresses you may get a little shock, but not huge, seeing them without makeup.

Only a couple out of these actresses may give you a strong shock but overall they are not as bad as one can imagine. These are the actresses/models pictures being compared in this video

  1. Nida Yasir
  2. Humaima Malik
  3. Mahira Khan
  4. Mathira
  5. Mehwish Hayat
  6. Shaista Lodhi
  7. Resham
  8. Ayesha Omar
  9. Saba Qamar
  10. Hadiqa Kiyani
  11. Sanam Baloch

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