Geo ‘bribing’ judiciary to save its anchors, also giving a clean chit to Arsalan

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, June 19 ( As at least 10 anchors among the list of 19 who have allegedly received millions of rupees from property tycoon Malik Riaz belong to Geo TV Network, its management is trying to ‘bribe’ the superior judiciary by airing an ad during prime time with full of ‘praise and flattery’ of the judges.
As the Geo media group does want Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to look into the corruption of its men it is trying to ‘bribe’ the judiciary through the advertisement (main nahi manta) depicting 17 judges of the Supreme Court the only hope against corruption. “In this effort the Geo group is trying to give a clean chit to Arsalan Iftikhar, son of the CJ, in the corruption case of Rs340 million, and in return wants the CJ not to open the corruption of its anchors and columnists” a reporter working with Geo told He said the working journalists of the group were against this. “The management is doing so on the request of the tainted anchors,” he said.
Interestingly, the CJ had constituted a judicial commission when the PMLQ had aired an ad terming Moonis Elahi innocent in NICL case believing that it was anti-judiciary. But now it seems that the CJ and other judges of the apex court are happy seeing their pictures in the ad portrayed as ‘saviors’. “No suo motu will come in this case,” he said.
According to list leaked from Malik Riaz’s office containing the names of anchors and journalists who received gifts/ funding from him.

1. Mubashir Luqman, Dunya TV
– Recieved 2 crore and 85 lakh rupees (Rs38.5million) in 3 instalments through national bank
– Mercedes-Benz
2. Dr. Shahid Masood, Express TV
– Recieved 1 crore and 7 lakh rupees (Rs10.7 million) through National Bank
– 7 fully paid trips to Dubai, including hotel stays and car rentals.
3. Najam Sethi, Geo TV
– Recieved 1 crore and 94 lakh rupees (Rs19.4million)
– 1 Kanal plot in Bahria town Lahore
– 3 fully paid trips to USA, including hotel stays.
4. Kamran Khan, Geo TV
– Recieved 62 lakh rupees(Rs6.2million), was promised 2 crore (Rs20million) + a house in Bahria town which he didn’t get and this was the reason he decided to break the story.
5. Hassan Nisar, Geo TV
– Recieved 1 crore 10 lakh rupees (Rs11 million)_ – 10 marla plot in Bahria town
6. Hamid Mir Geo TV
– Recieved 2 crore and 50 lakh rupees (25million)
– 5 kanal plot in Islamabad
7. Mazhar Abbas, ARY, recieved 90 lakh rupees (Rs9million)
8. Aftab Iqbal, Geo, received Rs20 million.
9: Sana Bucha, Geo, received Rs8.3 million
10: Muneeb Farooq, Geo, received Rs 2.5 million
11: Asma Sherazi, Sama TV, received Rs 4.5 million, Rehman Malik had also sponsored her and hubby Rehmani VIP Haj two years ago.
12: Sami Ibrahim, Dunya, received Rs10 million.
13: Arshad Sharif, Dunya, received Rs8.5 million
14: Nusrat Javed, AJJ TV, received Rs7.8 million
15: Mushtaq Minhas, AJJ TV, received Rs 5.5 million
16 Javed Chaudhry, Express, received Rs300,000 per column he writes in the name of Malik Riaz
17: Marvi Sarmad received Rs I million
18: Poor Sohail Warriach, Geo, only received Rs 1.5 million
19: Mehr Bokhari, Dunya, recived Rs5 million gift on her wedding. (htp://


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