Geo, Express and other TVs’ hypocrisy exposed on Turkish plays

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Dec 17 ( Hypocrisy of electronic channels especially Geo and Express has exposed badly for showing Turkish plays.
Private channels accused Urdu TV One of spreading ‘obscenity’ by showing Turkish plays and they did programmes on their news channels condemning the Turkish plays for bringing barrage of obscenity with them.
But on ground it was not the case. The matter of fact that Urdu TV was attracting huge viewership and its rating was on top, making the entertainment channels of Express and Geo worried as it was generating huge revenue.
Finally when these channels failed to propagate against Turkish plays they themselves have bought a few of them and have launched big advertisement campaign on Express TV, Express daily and Express Tribune, Geo News, Jang daily and The News.
Isn’t a shame for these channels and their owners? Suddenly they have stopped talking about obscenity in Turkish plays. As they are likely to attract good viewership and make money they are happy with the thing (obscenity) they were targeting earlier.
Let’s see when our some media houses shun their hypocrisy. But they may not because of their vested interests. (


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