Gilani family pays Rs500m for Ali Haider Gilani’s release?

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By Sarmad Ali

( The Gilani family has paid Rs500 million to secure the release of Ali Haider Gilani, the son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, it is learnt.

    “The US and Afghan security officials negotiated with the captors of Ali Haider Gilani and paid the ransom money of Rs500 million to them to get him free,” a source close to the Gilani family Pak Destiny today. He said it was not possible for the Afghan-US forces to precisely strike the Taliban or Al-Qaeda hideouts and recover Haider Gilani after killing the rest of the terrorists in the raids.

    “The negotiations had been underway for the last two years,” he disclosed. Earlier, his captors had demanded Rs2 billion for his release.

     When contacted by Pak Destiny, Abdul Qadir Gilani, the elder brother of Haider Gilani said: “There has been no truth in ransom story. My brother has been recovered in the US-Afghan forces operation.”  He said some people are spreading rumours in this regard.   

 "The negotiations had been underway for the last two years,"

“The negotiations had been underway for the last two years,”

    Haider Gilani was kidnapped from his hometown of Multan in May 2013. He was freed last Tuesday in the US-Afghan military operation in Afghanistan.

    Talking to reporters at his residence Haider Gilani thanked the people for praying for his life. “I just want to thank everyone for their prayers and hard work for my return. I am thankful to have reached home safely and happily. I feel great,” said Haider.

 "There has been no truth in ransom story" : Haider Gilani

“There has been no truth in ransom story” : Haider Gilani

     He gave no details about whether he would publish a memoir.  “You’ve grown out your beard, will you continue to keep it?” inquired a reporter. “I was very close to God before the Taliban too,” replied Haider, referring to his three years in captivity. 

    To a question about his ordeal he said: “It’s a very long story.” — Pak Destiny

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