“Give us food or kill us” — human misery at a huge scale in India because of Modi’s impracticable lockdown measures and anti-Muslims actions

 "Give us food or kills us" -- human misery at a huge scale in India because of Modi's impracticable  lockdown measures and anti-Muslims actions

By Raza Ruman

No where in the world a human misery is witnessed in the wake of coronavirus except India. Millions and millions of Indians almost half of the 1.35bn have been scrambling to find a day’s meal since India imposed lockdown about two months ago. People are crying in the face of world’s human rights bodies. Shame on them.

” Give us food or kill us NOW is what 2000+ daily wagers & families told us in #Ahmedabad #Gujarat yesterday.They said they hadn’t had a morsel since 4 days.They have moved to footpaths now. No they are not migrants.They are locals.And yes they were Muslims.nb: they were fed today,” tweeted by Deepal Trivedi.

This picture and tweet speak enough of the peoples miseries in India and neither Modi government and nor the world ready to give a damn to it.
“Real India….real issues but state has turned heartless,” says another tweet.

“A month ago had we imagined that REALITY WOULD SLAP US THIS WAY and SHOW WHAT IS THE REAL INTERIOR India all abt ?
Forget the flyovers/bulletrains/smartcity etc dailogbazi
HUNGER is the regular pandemic and POVERTY is the biggest virus.”
Another social media user slapped the Modi government saying “All this are voters of our @BJP4India, before elections our @PMOIndia @narendramodi wish to make elections campaigns with this poor people, after elections they won’t even care for the poor voters.”

The world must push Modi for his duty to serve poor Indians and stop him from hate mongering against Muslims. Pak Destiny

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