Martial law ‘around the corner’ — predicts media pundits

Martial law 'around the corner' -- predicts media pundits

By Irum Saleem

   Anchor Kamran Khan disclosed that ‘martial law’ is just decimal away.

   “Mark my words, If the current political mess isn’t fixed rapidly the country is just a decimal away from the Martial Law” A very important highly placed GOP official told me a few days ago. Next NSC meeting could well be a decisive event,” Kamran Khan said in a tweet.

He further said:

“The make or break NSC meeting to try extract country from current sinking state has been suddenly postponed.All eyes of 22 beleaguered Pakistanis still focussed on military leadership to not let BBC NY Times Washington Post certified corrupt political leadership have their way.”

    Commenting on Kamran’s tweet senior Dawn’s journalist Zulqernain Tahir said in a tweet: “Really… it means currently there is a ‘democracy’ in the country..I wonder @AajKamranKhan #martiallaw.”

    Senior journalist Raza Rumi said: “Kamran Saheb if you are asking for a military intervention –soft or hard (martial law) then it is a patently unconstitutional demand. Pakistan has suffered due to constitutional violations and it is sad to see influential voices like you asking generals to violate their oath!”

    He further said: “We have the Article 6 and some other safeguards but politicians, journalists and analysts continue to invite the military to fix things. This is more of a cultural problem and will only go away with greater education about and ownership of the constitution.”

   Dr Osama Saddique said in a tweet: “Let them impose a martial law then. Better than this insidious & deeply damaging back door skullduggery they are engaged in. Wonderful to be fully exposed and to have to run this tattered economy thanks to their meddling, financial avarice & backing of nincompoops. Let them come.”

  Let’s see how things unfolded. PAK DESTINY

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