“Handsome to hai na” Khan being trolled on new phrase

By Iram Salim

These days there has been interesting debate underway that “cute” PM Imran Khan can acquire loan from any one through his looks.
There has been taunt “cute to hai” on every meeting of Khan with foreign dignitaries.

“‏‎‎ہینڈ سم ہیں نا،ان کے جانے سے آی ایم ایف مفت قرض دے گی

Handsome to hai. Youthias feel bad by this taunt as they find it hard to respond to it.

After PTI’s failure on every front especially on economic the patwaris are roughing sensitive nerve of Youthias.

Let’s see as how long this “handsome” factor goes on and help Pakistan. Pak Destiny

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