Hareem’s slap in the face of Mufti Qavi is echoing on social media

Hareem's slap in the face of Mufti Qavi is echoing on social media
  • Some interpret it a slap from Qandeel Baloch
  • Qavi shaken up to the core may unleash his followers on Hareem
  • Divided opinion on social media
  • Some elements in government not happy with Hareem may teach her a lesson on this episode

By Irum Saleem

Here comes the slap on the face of Mufti Qavi. And this cone from not deceased Qandeel Baloch. But her fellow social media sensation Hareem Shah.

In the video that went viral on Monday Mufti Qavi sitting on a bed is taken by surprise when Hareem moved towards him and slapped him beforing rushing to leave the room.

Qavi can be heard saying some swear words.

Thua video was taken a storm on Twitter with most appluading Hareem’s action. Although it is not clear what she was doing at Qavi’s bed but one thing is clear she was there for ‘some kind of business’.

“Was it a slap from Qandeel who was murdered by her brother, a disciple of Qavi,” said a Twitter user. It seems spirit of Qandeel had come in Hareem who slapped Qavi.

Some were also critical of Hareem’s action.

“Domestic Abuse is not gender based, and is a crime even if it is by wife or a girl friend!
My sympathies with #MuftiQavi #MeToo and if he needs, I offer legal help,” PPP leader Shama Jenajo said in a tweet.

Hareem who earlier got fame by her entry at the foreign office sitting on the prime minister chair. Her leaked videos with Sheikh Rashid and now Qavi made her a perfect story being discussed in the country today.
Let’s see what action is proposed by Qavi against her. PAK DESTINY

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