How ECP chief Raja’ partisan ‘badly’ exposed with his one ‘minor’ decision

How ECP chief Raja' partisan 'badly' exposed with his one 'minor' decision

By Raza Ruman

  How badly chief of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Sikandar Sultan Raja exposed with his one decision.

    Raja quickly moved and sacked ECP spokesperson Haroon Shinwari for issuing a statement “without directions from the higher authorities” regarding the holding of polls in case of dissolution of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa assemblies by the PTI.

  What a shame for ECP and Raja in particular. What else is needed to prove that he is acting on the orders or his masters and not merit.

  On Monday, Shinwari while responding to media, maintained that in case of dissolution of provincial assemblies, elections would be held in the respective provinces and not for the National Assembly.

  He said that in the event of mass resignations in Punjab and K-P assemblies, the by-polls will be held within 60 days.

  The statement came after PTI Chairman and former premier Imran Khan on Saturday announced the party’s decision to resign from provincial assemblies, most notably in Punjab and K-P where the party is in government, in a bid to exert pressure on the federal government to announce an early election date.

  The ECP on Tuesday issued directives to remove Shinwari from the post of spokesperson, saying that he had responded to the media queries “without directions from the higher authorities”.

   Even reporters lodged their protest with the ECP secretary and noted that Shinwari had not said anything unconstitutional or illegal, adding that he would only have told the law.

    This shameful act is sole enough to judge Raja’s partisan.

    Like the establishment there is a time for ECP to get neutral. PAK DESTINY

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