Human Rights Day – Moonis Elahi shows mirror to PML-N for its rights abuses especially in Model Town killings of innocent people 

By Iram Salim

      (Pak Destiny) Today the world is observing the 70th anniversary of the adoption of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But rights abuses are increasing rather than decreasing world wide – and to the utter disappointment of the incumbent Pakistani government these violations are on the rise here too especially when in Model Town massacre the ruling PML-N is itself involved, pinpoints Pakistan’s PML-Q parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Moonis Elahi.

“The human rights of innocent Kashmiris, Palestinians and Rohingya Muslims have been usurped by powerful occupants with no concrete mitigation efforts made by the UN and other influential fora in the world. Similarly, the rights situation in Pakistan is also a matter of great concern. In  2014 Model Town incident in which 14 innocent workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek lost their lives, it is one of the many cases where the government was playing the role of a perpetrator,” ,” Moonis says, adding instead of protector of human rights in the country, the N-League government is violating it and it is a matter of concern for everyone.

In a tweet Moonis Elahi says : “Today on the 70th #HumanRightsDay , heart wrenching are the #HumanRightsViolations inflicted on innocent #Kashmiris, #Palestinians & #Rohingyas in the name of religion. Equally heart wrenching are incidents like the #ModelTownMassacre perpetrated on us by our own rulers.”

Monis has also drawn the attention of the international community towards the serious violation of human rights in Kashmir, Palestine and Myanmar. “These have to be  stopped and we need to play our role by raising voice at every forum,” Moonis says.

PML-N government’s track record to pursue these issues at international forum is quite poor. Since it is involved in Model Town like massacre the N-League seems to have lost the moral ground to speak on such violations abroad.     

Currently, rage is sweeping the streets of Gaza and the West Bank after US President Donald Trump decided to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinians are aghast. Their claim over Jerusalem – the site of the revered Al Aqsa mosque and home to some 3,30,000 Arabs –  is at the heart of their aspiration to carve out a nation for themselves and Trump’s announcement has dealt their dreams a body blow.

But their collective anger may not result in anything substantive, apart from derailing the already stalled West Asia peace process. Protests have already erupted across the region. Disenchanted and frustrated Palestinian youth are fighting pitched battles with Israeli security forces. Palestinian leaders are threatening more.  They have called for uprising and a fresh bout of bloodshed looks a certainty.

Palestinians have justifiable reasons to be angry. They have been reduced to being stateless in the land that belonged to them. Those in Gaza virtually live the life of prisoners as Israel restricts movements of both men and material. In the West Bank, Palestinians are subjected to a harsh Israeli occupation that robs them of dignity. The injustices they suffer are many and their angst is just. – Pak Destiny


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