Imam Hussain (A.S.): A Martyr of tears

Imam Hussain (A.S.): A Martyr of tears

By Sarvat Hossein

The holly Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) is reported to have said: ” The best of jihad is that of a word of right spoken to unjust ruler.” Imam Hussain (A.S) was witnessing  the crumbling political and social scenario  and clearly was alarmed over the general implemented policies ( not consistent according to Islamic principles) of the ruling authorities. Imam Hussain ibn-e- Ali was determined to exercise  his religious duty. His revolt was rich in lessons and divinely inspired attitudes. He manifested the sacrifice of  himself, family, money, social status and prepared himself and his 72 companions (along with his 6-month-old child, Imam Ali Asghar) on the holly land of Kerbala to face all the challenges of cruelty and the worse terrorism of human history. Lets not forget that even 6-month-old child was brutally killed and beheaded.

What is Kerbala? The movement of Kerbala is universal, representing all human beings. It was a war for the sake of justice, equality, knowledge of God, Faith and tawhid. Hussain’s immense struggle in the bloody battle of Kerbala also constituted the eternal war of good versus evil, moral idealism versus political expediency, nobility versus the mercenary man. This is unimaginable in today’s world that how many men or leaders would dare to expose and prepare their kith and kin to a volley of arrows, piercing spears, swords and agony of imprisonment in desert’s thirst and hunger.

It would not be wrong to consider that tragedy of Kerbala to be one which every prophet came to establish, hence reviving the movement of Imam Hussain ( A.S) is equivalent to resuscitating the movement of 124000 prophets. It was will of Allah to defer the sacrifice of Ibrahim with the greatest sacrifice of Hussain ( A.S. ) and his companions on the day of 10th Muharram-Ul-Haram. The sacrifice draws a clear line between the righteous and the evil, till the day of judgement.

God clearly states in Quran, when he asked Ibrahim to sacrifice the animal instead of his son: ( 37: 107 ) And we ransomed him with a great sacrifice.

The history elaborates on Imam Hussain’s movement of Kerbala and the cause he fought and stood for and sacrificed all he had. When one remembers the Ibrahim’s sacrifice on 10th Dhul Hujjah, must not forgets the ZIBAH-E- AZEEM of 10th MUHARRAM of Imam Hussain (A.S).

Allama Muhammad Iqbal ( famous Muslim poet and philosopher) paid tribute to martyr of tears  and said: what a glory, what a glory…the father is the dot below “bey” of bismillah in Quran (i.e. Hazrat Ali) and the son …(i.e. Imam Hussain) is the manifestation and meaning of Zibhe Azeem in Quran.

” I am the martyr of tears; no man of faith remembers me but that he weeps.” Imam Hussain (A.S.)

Sarvat Hossein- A British- Pakistani Freelance Journalist ‎


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