Jemima runs for corrective measures after her post showing Bushra Bibi ‘casting black magic’

Twitter exploded over Jemima's post showing Bushra Bibi 'casting black magic'

By Sarvat Hossein

Twitter exploded with tweets from the public at large in reaction to a poster that Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of PM Imran Khan, had posted on her twitter account.

The poster depicts Mr Khan, his ex-wife Jemima and his current wife Bushra Bibi. Credit for all the attention must go to the artist who put his sensitive but amusing sense of humour on paper to create the much admired poster.

Ms Jemima, is still very much loved and appreciated  by the Pakistani nation, despite her divorce from the PM several years ago.

She tweeted: “Who doesn’t love a Lollywood poster? Spotted today by a friend in Lahore…”. with the caption: “What kind of black magic did you do?”

People responded to her tweet with considerable affection and appreciation of her. There is still an element of empathy and regret over her divorce from Imran Khan and many tweets display obvious affection, calling her “you are still our bhabi “.

But Jemima has made it clear that her chances to getting back with Imran Khan are next to nil. 

Ms Goldsmith later on clarified : “Ps., no disrespect intended. Like most of you, I just found it funny. (Plus I’m a genuine fan of Pakistani film posters, street art and truck art.)

Certainly, Pakistanis have many hidden talent in many fields. Unfortunately, a lack of opportunities prevents many of them from shining and artists die without any recognition of their work.

We all have seen trucks on our long journeys with meaningful sayings and pretty paintings on them. Many put smiles on our faces due to the humorous poetry written behind some of these trucks. 

Such humour, and indeed those words of wisdom, can make (or break) one’s day. Pak Destiny

Sarvat Hussein


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