Jang group’s journalist stoops too low to humiliate judges …CJP urged to take notice

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Jang group Ansari Abbasi brigade is continuing humiliating judges and judiciary apparently at the behest of PMLN.

In a latest outrageous tweet Jang/News reporter Usman Manzoor who is part of Ansar Abbasi ‘thunder’ group throws a heap of scorn on judges.

After posting a picture of some ass (donkeys) on his tweeter account he said “How the upper portion of this picture resembles with the down one” — up there is mentioned ‘parking for judges vehicle and down there are donkeys standing’.


The judges especially the chief justice Saqib Nisar must take notice of this extreme humiliation of judges and judiciary.

It is learnt that Maryam led social media of PMLN has also taken professional journalists mostly of Jang group to target judiciary in order to achieve its target. The PMLN thinks that it will not be easy for judiciary to punish professional journalists for humiliating judges. Pak Destiny

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