How PML-N classically used Hussain Nawaz’s ‘concocted story’ to malign JIT and SC

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Finally the false story of Hussain Nawaz is out in the Supreme Court that has completely exposed the PML-N’s nefarious design to malign the JIT and SC.

According the JIT report in the Supreme Court in Panama Papers investigation yesterday,   “What happened on May 28, when Hussain Nawaz appeared at the Federal Judicial Academy for interrogation. Stating that its proceedings were brief and limited, the JIT maintained that despite receiving a summons to appear on May 28 with all the relevant record, Hussain Nawaz appeared without any papers and refused to answer any questions put to him that day on the pretext that the matter was sub judice before the apex court and asked the JIT to summon him some other day. ”

    “A totally contrary and “false scenario” — of full cooperation by Hussain Nawaz – was however presented and portrayed before the court during the hearing on May 29, the report said. It claimed that the “concocted” narrative of Hussain Nawaz’s “helplessness and utter surrender” was nothing but a cynical stratagem to discredit the JIT and its work, as well as a desperate attempt to prejudice the court against the JIT members.”

       Regarding photo-leak of Hussain Nawaz the JIT said: “The false and fanciful allegations are part of a character-assassination campaign against JIT members, which has been ongoing since its constitution by the apex court to disrupt, delay and frustrate investigations being carried out by JIT.  The object of these allegations and the prayer for a judicial inquiry is also motivated by the same ulterior motives in a thinly-veiled attempt to mislead not only the court but also the opinion of the general public.”

     After the JIT initial report it has been transpired that the PML-N government has been using all its resources to ‘malign the JIT and SC’ to discredit them completely.

Regarding photo-leak the man who was behind this has been sent back to his parent department. How the story of ‘Hussain Nawaz cooperation’ has exposed… one wonder to what extend these ‘innocent looking’ could go to malign every institution. – Pak Destiny


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