“Blackmailer” — this word going to haunt Imran Khan to the rest of his life?

"The blackmailer" -- the new buzz word describing Imran Khan

By Raza Ruman

Blackmailer…was the buzz word on Friday in Pakistan and the world of social media. And this buzz word has come from none else but our handsome prime minister Imran Khan.

It seems this man is obsessed with this word of blackmail. Perhaps he has long been blackmailed…who knows.

Imran Khan’s choice of words shows that he is poor in reading. In his vocabulary he has few words like NRO, chor and daku.

Poor soul got so much flak from all quarters in the country and abroad for his poor choice of words. Was it a poor choice of words or Khan in actual is that much insensitive.

There are rumours on social media that his peerni wife had stopped to see slain men as it is a bad omen may cause his pack up. If it is so… Its terrible.

Khan should now show some courage apologise from the nation otherwise he may never wash this stigma on his face to the rest of his life.

Aima Khosa writes on his Twitter account saying “‘I will not be blackmailed. I will only blackmail.”

What a shame.
PPP Secretary General Pakistan Peoples Party, Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari has demanded an apology from Imran Khan for calling the bereaved families of Hazara martyrs blackmailers.

Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said that calling people in grief blackmailers represents the low mentality of Imran Khan. This statement of Imran Khan is height of insensitivity. He has shamed the entire Pakistani nation with his despicable personality. Imran Khan should ask for an apology from the Hazara community and the nation, Bukhari demanded.

In a separate statement information secretary PPP, Faisal Karim Kundi has said that the egoistic Imran Khan should be ashamed of his words and he demands of Imran Khan to immediately take his words back. He said that treating a grieving community with such disdain represents a sick mind. It seems that the selected Prime Minister Imran Khan has embarrassed his selectors as well. The selectors must be reviewing their choice, he said.

Kundi said that the Hazara community should not pin hopes with such a hopeless puppet prime minister. The entire nation is grieving and mourning the Machh tragedy but the egoistic person who suffers from illusory perception of himself is calling the mournful community blackmailers. Nothing could be more disgraceful than this narrative, Kundi said. PAK DESTINY

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