Moonis exposes ‘tout’ of Zardari and Sharifs — Mohsin Naqvi, owner of C24 network —

Moonis exposes 'tout' of Zardari and Sharifs -- Mohsin Naqvi, owner of C24 network --

By Irum Saleem

 Former federal minister Moonis Elahi today exposed a big time ‘tout’ Mohsin Naqvi, owner of C24 and City 42, C44 and many such ventures on social media.

  In a tweet Mr Moonis uploaded a picture of Mohsin Naqvi saying: “‏یہ وہ آدمی ہے جو کہتا تھا میں زرداری کا بچہ ہوں شہباز شریف کا پارٹنر ہوں اور چوہدریوں کا رشتہ دار ہوں۔ میں فیصلے کروں “گا پاکستان ک

  This man — Mohsin Naqvi — on Monday unleashed his channels and anchors on Mr Moonis.

   They are barking at the PTI and PMLQ leaders for exposing their master, Mohsin Naqvi. The PTI activists on social media gave Naqvi a befitting reply which literally upset him.

    Naqvi has long been serving Zardari as the latter helped the former to establish his media network in and outside Pakistan.

     The financial corruption of Zardari is known to every one and Naqvi washed his hands in it too.

     Naqvi got also close to the Sharifs after becoming an errand boy of Zardari.

    Mohsin Naqvi always tries to be in good books of the establishment knowing that his dubious financial matters will be exposed if he does not follow certain lines. 

    Zardari uses Naqvi to further his political agenda especially in Punjab.

     Former premier Imran Khan tried to fix his channel for spreading hatred against PTI but he managed to get away.

As a day before Mr Moonis exposed Mohsin Naqvi…. PMLN federal coalition nominated Naqvi for caretaker chief minister slot.

   Besides, PMLN forwarded the name of NAB tainted and accused millions of rupees corruption suspect Ahad Cheema for the caretaker CM.

    Naqvi is gloating in air and madly happy after his boss Zardari pushed Sharifs to nominate him for caretaker CM slot.

    Poor Mohsin Naqvi can’t talk confidently and he is nominated to serve the Sharifs and Zardaris…what a shame and pity.

    This time Naqvi is afraid that if Imran returns to power he will be behind bars so he along with his masters trying hard that Khan never returns to power. But man proposes God disposes. PAK DESTINY

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