Kashif Abbasi and Faisal Vawda’s ‘planned’ boot episode brutally criticised by all on social media

Kashif Abbasi and Faisal Vawda's 'planned' boot episode brutally criticised by all on social media

By Raza Ruman

Social media shamed ARY anchor Kashif Abbasi for allowing disgraced PTI minister Faisal Vawda for bringing an army boot and placing it on his table in his talk show.

Although Abbasi managed to get his show’s rating but he was shamed and brutally criticised on social media by almost all segment of society.

Abbasi showed no guts even to ask Vawda to remove the boot from his table. He appeared to a shameful creature.

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Abbasi otherwise had a good reputation but you know to get good rating anchors can stoop to any low.

Kashif Abbasi should better admit his joint venture with Vawda in the future.

If Abbasi wants to continue his profession he must first apologise. Pak Destiny


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