Khushnood calls Najam Sethi ‘Indian agent’ asks agencies to ‘take care of him’

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By Sarmad Ali

( Anchor Khushnood Ali Khan has called fellow anchor Najam Sethi an “Indian agent” and called upon the Pakistani intelligence agencies to ‘take care’ of such guys.
In a programme on Business Plus on Wednesday Khushnood got unleashed at Sethi and the Sharifs for making him caretaker chief minister and PCB chairman.
“How could you make a RAW agent Punjab caretaker chief minister. Najam Sethi’s loyalty to Pakistan is questionable. The Pakistani agencies know that Sethi is an Indian agent. Sethi had called Pakistan a failed state by sitting in India,” he said, urging to the agencies to expose him fully.
Let’s see if Sethi responds to Khushnood’s allegations. Pak Destiny

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