King of establishment will have a ‘final say’ in elections in October/November

King of establishment will have a 'final say' in elections in October/November

By Raza Ruman

    Intensive consultation is underway among the main players for holding general elections in this October/November.

     The establishment is said have brought all stakeholders on one platform.

    PTI chief Imran Khan is not ready to budge an inch for his demand to hold polls in Oct/November.

    And PMLN Quaid Nawaz Sharif wants completion of Shehbaz government tenure.

    However, the king of establishment will have the final say under the current political scenario.

    The way Khan has put pressure there seems only one solution to come out of this economic quagmire — election.

    After Punjab falling in the hands of PTI, the Sharifs and its allies may not be in a position to sustain in the Centre. That’s why they agree to talk on fresh polls.

    It is very much likely if the king of establishment decides for early polls then the Sharifs would have no other option.

   The establishment can plug off of the federal government by directing BAP or MQM to say good bye to the Shehbaz government if the Sharifs resist to its final words. PAK DESTINY

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