A king’s chess game and Panama scandal

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By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) A King was always a king but what about a son of a king? He was called prince and always has a chance to become a king after the death of his father. A cat and mouse game the king is playing on the Panama chessboard. Isn’t he playing?

This was the situation of old days where the right to rule was only with the king family. In modern age, we have got democracy in which it is to be assumed that an ultimate king is general public.
Unfortunately, in some countries like Pakistan old king is also modernized, learned new theories and techniques to remain king. Moreover, he has also learned that how to make his son (prince) as a new king even before death.

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The king and the king’s party spoiler

Now a day in Pakistan, servants of general public are investigating the king’s family and we are assuming that it may be an end of the kingdom of this family. We may think otherwise, as the prince has an equal opportunity to prove himself as an innocent, courageous and a presentable man in any forum.
Some individuals, who felt the heat of Panama case, withdrew from the public offices. Whereas, in our case, the king may be thinking it as a wonderful opportunity to use some officials or politicians to get a clean chit from all this mess which can be used in coming general election 2018.
Just think, the clean chit may be a mile stone of converting his prince into a Next King. This may be called a king’s trap to fool people in Panama. — Pak Destiny


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