Malick the highest paid PTV MD in its history — Pak Destiny broke the news of his becoming MD over a month ago

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Feb 27 (Pak Destiny) As the PakDestiny had broken the story of TV anchor Mohammad Malick’s becoming PTV managing director over a month ago, Malick is the highest-paid chief the PTV ever had in its history.

Earlier, with the help of his friend in the information ministry who is in top position Malick got settled the default issue of his wife with PTV. His wife’s production company – Pink Production – was a defaulter of PTV for Rs30-million. The information ministry guy had settled down the PTV-Pink Production issue against a few million.

While Yousuf Baig Mirza was taking Rs1.2 million salary, three per cent commission in the business of PTV and other perks, Malick’s salary is touching Rs2 million mark besides other lucrative benefits and perks.

Sources said the information ministry has given Malick a task to hire on handsome salary those ‘small anchors’ and reporters who are critical of the PML-N government. – Pak Destiny

We already broke it on JANUARY 22, 2014
main hurdle in malicks becoming ptv md removed


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