Pervaiz Rasheed gets ‘special task’ to take on Imran Khan

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Nov 24 (Pak Destiny) The PML-N leadership has given a ‘special task’ to Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed to launch a scathing attack on PTI chairman Imran Khan to counter his criticism on the Sharifs.
Being an information minister Rasheed can twist the media especially electronic channels in running his ‘attack on Khan’ easily.
As the PML-N government is upset over the blockade of NATO supply by PTI, it believes Info Minister Rasheed is the best person to take on Khan. Usually, the PML-N unleashes Rana Sanaullah to target its opponents but this time it wants to check the ‘guts of Rasheed’.
Let’s see how Rasheed manoeuvre the media to achieve the PML-N targets. – Pak Destiny


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