Malik Riaz fires Aftab Iqbal from AAP TV after buying the project… Aftab joins Neo TV

Malik Riaz fires Aftab Iqbal from AAP TV after buying the project... Aftab joins Neo TV

By Raza Ruman

Anchor Aftab Iqbal who used to falsely claim that he owned AAP News and Indus TV was thrown out unceremoniously these channels by property tycoon Malik Riaz.

Poor Aftab who is accused of making millions from these projects reportedly initiated by another business tycoon A K Dadi.
Recently Malik Riaz bought these TV channels and the first thing he did he fired Aftab Iqbal.

Poor Aftab sought refuge in Neo TV who offered him a contract to do his “marasi” show. Will Aftab Iqbal tell his viewers about his lies he made about the ownership of these two channels.

Earlier it was predicted in the media industry that this guy can do marasi programs and can’t run a TV channel. And that proved right.
Let’s see how Attaur Rehman, owner of Neo TV, bear with him knowing his short temperament. Pak Destiny


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