Masses on a cursing mode after Imran slapped them with another heavy taxes

Masses on a cursing mode after Imran slapped them with another heavy taxes

By Raza Ruman

After passage of the bill, the public will further suffer and suffer a lot.
Read about new taxes ….

موبائل فونز پر یکساں 17 فیصد ٹیکس عائد ،
سونے چاندی پر ٹیکس 1 فیصد سے 17 فیصد
آئل سیڈ کی درآمد پر ٹیکس 5 فیصد سے 17 فیصد ،
مائننگ کیلئے درآمدی مشینری پر 17 فیصد نیا ٹیکس لگ گے
پرچون فروشوں کا ٹیکس 10 فیصد سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد ،
ساشے میں فروخت ہونے والی اشیاء کا ٹیکس 8 فیصد سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد ،
غیر ملکی سرکاری تحفوں اور عطیات پر 17 فیصد ٹیکس لاگو،
قدرتی آفات کیلئے موصو لہ مال پر ٹیکس لاگو ،
پوسٹ کے ذریعے پیکٹ ارسال کرنے پر 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو
درآمدی جانوروں اور مرغیوں پر 17 فیصد ٹیکس ،
زرعی بیج، پودوں، آلات اور کیمیکل پر ٹیکس 5 فیصد سے 17،
پولٹری سیکٹر کی مشینری پر ٹیکس 7 فیصد سے 17 فیصد کردیا
ملٹی میڈیا ٹیکس بھی 10 سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد ،
بیٹری پر ٹیکس 12 فیصد سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد ،
ڈیوٹی فری شاپس پر 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو،
بڑی کاروں پر بھی 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو،
درآمدی الیکٹرک کاروں پر سیلز ٹیکس 5 فیصد سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد
بزنس ٹو بزنس رقم منتقلی پر سیلز ٹیکس بڑھا کر 17 فیصد کردیا

دویات کے خام مال پر 17 فیصد جی ایس ٹی لاگو ،
بیکریوں، ریسٹورنٹ اور فوڈ چین پر 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو،
کیٹررز، ہوٹلز اور بڑے ریسٹورنٹس پر ٹیکس 7.5 فیصد 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو ،
درآمدی سبزیوں پر 10 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس عائد ،
پیکنگ میں فروخت ہونے والے مصالحوں پر 17 فیصد سیلز ٹیکس لاگو ،
فلور ملز پر بھی 10 فیصد ٹیکس لگایا جائے عائد،
ماچس، ڈیری مصنوعات، الیکٹرک سوئچ پر 17 فیصد ٹیکس عائد،
برانڈڈ مرغی کے گوشت کے گوشت پر بھی 17 فیصد ٹیکس عائد ،
پراسس کئے ہوئے دودھ پر ٹیکس 10 فیصد سے 17 فیصد،
پیکنگ میں دہی، پنیر، مکھن، دیسی گھی اور بالائی پر ٹیکس 10 فیصد سے بڑھا کر 17 فیصد،
ڈیری کیلئے مشینری پر بھی ٹیکس شرح 17 فیصد لاگو.

National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has slammed the mini-budget and over Rs 360 billions worth of new taxes imposed on the people of Pakistan that were already being butchered by PTO government’s economic terrorism.

Reacting to the mini-budget, Shehbaz said that he had warned the country that the  udget 2021-22 presented by this government was a fraud while tge really hammer would drop on the nation through mini-budgets. He said the most vulnerable sections of the society had been hit the hardest with this disastrous mini-budget.

He said these Rs 360 billion worth of new taxes will destroy the country’s economy and the loves of its people beyond repair. He reminded that the PTI Government promised no new taxes or mini-budgets. 

Sheubaz pointed out that not a single measure of releif for poverty-stricken Pakistanis in this mini-budget. Essential commodities and  food items were brutally taxed. In addition to that, Mobile phones have been slapped with an advance income tax 10-15 percent. Out of these Rs 360 billion of new taxes Rs 353 would be collected from sales tax while Rs 7 billion would be from income tax while there are certain other items as well, so the total tax is more than Rs 360 billion.

“A whopping 17 percent of taxes have been imposed on infant formula milk, dry milk, flavored milk, any type of red chillies, yogurt, bread, buns, laptops, personal computers, ghee and cooking oil, oil seeds, greenhouse farming, drip agriculture, medicines, ingredients of pharmaceutical products, various machinery, gold and silver”, he revealed.

Making infant milk, yogurt, bread, buns, chillies would make life even more miserable for people that were already on the verge of starvation because of PTI. He reminded how PMLN government ensured that these essential commodities would not become expensive. The PMLN government gave free laptops to encourage advancement of learning in the IT sector to produce more professionals while PTI had even targeted that by now imposing tax on computers and laptops. Taxing of oil and ghee would create a new crisis, he predicted. The taxing of drop agriculture and greenhouse farming would seriously dent the farm output of the country and impact tge environment adversely. He lashed out against the increase in the cost of medicines and key pharmaceutical materials. He said this government had not only made living beyond the reach of people, but had also made dying u affordable.

The PMLN President also strongly criticized the State Bank Ammendment Act. He sad PMLN was not against State Bank’s Independence, but the manner in which this government had proposed this freedom was never seen or heard of in any country in the world. He said as a regulator it should be Independent, but it was imperative that finance ministry and the state bank should share the burden of decision making through mutual consultation but  this act puts State Bank above and beyond Pakistan’s control and it would only be answerable to the  IMF. No country has such a system, he said. According to this IMF dictated bill State Bank was only responsible to control inflation and cannot fund the government of Pakistan no matter how grave or dire the situation might be even in the event of a natural disaster. Recently when the State Bank refused to fund government, private banks raised tge interest rate, Shaukat Tareen himself termed this a disaster, he reminded.

Shehbaz said approving this mini-budget would be like signing on a death-notice for Pakistan’s economy and its people. Pak Destiny


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