Meditate to be in the Zone

Meditate to be in the Zone

By Col Wajid

When in the flow or being in the zone, one experiences being completely involved in the activity at hand. In this state, time flies and your skills, movement and thoughts are in a such state of concentration that allows the completion of the task in hand. Being immersed completely yin the zone intuitively, the right action occurs effortlessly.

To get to this place and access intuitive intelligence, it is necessary to practice quietening the mind. Intuitive intelligence is not learned but experienced. Those who bring about monumental change and success in this world have access to it. Steve Jobs believed that intuitive intelligence was more powerful than the intellectual intelligence, in which logic is put aside and the the power of universal intelligence is used through a still mind.

Meditation has the ability of quieting the mind, reducing anxiety and improving attention and concentration during stressful challenges.
Neuroscientists have found out that people who meditate, have exceptional present-moment awareness .

Mindful meditation results in an increased density of gray matter, leading to more effective processing of information. Also at least eight different regions of the brain exhibit increase in efficiency, which play a role in our ability to hold attention, cultivate positive emotions, and retain emotional stability. PAK DESTINY

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