Mehwish Hayat trolled for her “strange support” for Musharraf

Mehwish Hayat trolled for her "strange support" for Musharraf

By Sarmad Ali

TV actress Mehwish Hayat’s passionate tweet in the support of former president Gen Pervez Musharraf earned her a lot of flak on social media.

Mehwish tweeted: “
Let’s put politics aside for one moment. This man was our President & guided us through some every difficult times. Like him or loathe him, he deserves the opportunity to be heard. At least we can grant him that dignity.After all does the law not say”Innocent till proven guilty”?

Her sudden love for Musharraf invited different comments with one asking her “Another tweet with similar wording for politicians please, those who are behind the bars without charge or fair trial.”

Ayna Khan asked Mehwish: “BB who is supposedly ur role model & subject of a biopic u’re supposedly going to star in was assassinated because of him. Read the UN report.

PS: Where was this love for due process when civilian leaders were being thrown in jails w/o due process while you guys cheered IK on?”

Ayna further said: “Go read the UN report. I am not going to argue indisputable facts. And for the record, Kulsoom N died due to an illness, but was denied the opportunity to have her husband of over 4 decades and her daughter with her through a sham orchestrated by the same forces who killed BB.”

Another twitter user Tamseel said: “Proven guilty ?
Read article “6” and then tel us what he did on 12.10.1999 and 03.11.2007 ???

There r many ex presidents and pms suffering snd going through same, why u keep urself quite about them ? Many of whom never proven guilty of anything even after decades of arrst ?”

Mehwish is left off guard after such comments.
Let’s see if she revisits her support for Musharraf. Pak Destiny

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