Mehwish Hayat cuts a sorry figure in BBC World program

Mehwish Hayat cuts a sorry figure in BBC World program

By Iram Salim

There is a difference between posting a written tweet and answering live.

This happens to Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat during a BBC World on the issue of Kashmir.

Hayat had taken on Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and severely criticised her for giving a statement in favour of Indian army over the issue of Kashmir.

But in a live programme with an anchor of BBC World she couldn’t utter a word against Chopra or India.

What she could offer in her comment was that Kashmiri people should be given the right to determine their future.

The poor lass couldn’t condemn either Modi or Priyanka Chopra for Indian forces atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

The poor girl needs more tutoring to have grip over English language. Pak Destiny


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