Mehwish Hayat upset over allegation that she getting top national award for her relations with PTI politician, vows to take legal action

By Iram Salim

Pakistani film star Mehwish Hayat has got so up set when a publication alleged that she is nominated for Tamgha-i-Imtiaz for her relations with a PTI politician of Karachi.

  She threatened to withdraw the artcile carrying this allegation otherwise she will take legal action against it. Mehwish Hayat will be one of 127 people who will be bestowed a civil award by President Arif Alvi on March 23. in a tweet alleged she won the award not on merit but because of her relations with a PTI politician of Karachi. Although others from the entertainment industry like Babra Sharif,  Attaullah Essakhelvi and Sajjad Ali and Reema Khan are getting the top award but they are not facing such allegations. in his defence said it lifted the article from Express Tribune.

  Mehwish Hayat is so upset after this news break out that she is no mood to spare the publications that are running a vilification
campaign against her apparently at the behest of her rivals in the industry. Pak Destiny


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