Who stops Mahvish Hayat from commenting on Kashmir… is it an Indian friend

Who stops Mahvish Hayat from commenting on Kashmir... is it an Indian friend

By Iram Saleem

How interesting is the confession of actress Mahvish Hayat. She says she is stopped from making any comment on Kashmir issue.
Who stopped her she refused to disclose. And it is all a guess work to figure it out.

A Twitter commentator said: “‏کشمیر پر بولنے سےکس نے ‎#مہوش حیات کو منع کر دیا ہے؟
“کشمیر پہ منع کیا گیا ہے نا
نہی نہی نہی منع کر دیاہے
مجھے کشمیر پہ نہی بولنا”
مطلب یہ سارے کرایےکہ ٹٹو ہیں انکا اپنا کوئی ضمیر نہی؟
ان کٹھ پتلیوں کو جب کیا جاتا ہے تو ایک ساتھ سارے شروع ہو جاتےہیں
بولا تھا ‎#کشمیر بیچ ڈالہ😥

Is it a matter of some one from local or Indian film industry that stopped her from making a comment on Kashmir. It seems from her reaction that someone from Indian threatened her of not giving her work in Bollywood in future. And Ms Hayat got afraid.

She must come up and tell the truth. Pak Destiny


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