Moonis and others hail UK’s £55.5m for climate action — will Pakistan meet the expectations?

Moonis and others hail UK's £55.5m for climate action -- will Pakistan meet the expectations?

By Irum Saleem

The UK’s decision to pledge £55.5m for Pakistan for climate has impressed many here. “The people of Pakistan are extremely grateful for the £55.5m pledged by the #UnitedKingdom @COP26 to partner with #Pakistan for #ClimateAction,” Federal Minister for Water Resources Moonis Elahi said in a tweet.

“The 5-year #WaterGovernance program in this pledge augurs well for future sustainable & equitable #WaterUse in Pakistan. @CTurnerFCDO”, Mr Moonis said.

Shahid Dhair said on Twitter “Thank you UK. Pakistan is on the front line of climate impact and our government, under the Ministership of Ch Moonis Elahi who is committed to climate action on the ground.”
According to the British High Commission (BHC) the funding — £55.5m — has been split into three parts. The financial support, £38m, has been allocated for a five-year climate resilience programme to help Pakistan’s poorest communities in protecting themselves from the changing climate.

“Another £15m has been fixed for a five-year water governance programme, aimed at making water use in Pakistan more sustainable and water access fairer. A sum of £2.5m has been allocated to support new ways of attracting the much needed climate investment to Pakistan, including on the development of a Nature Performance Bond,” it says.
British High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Christian Turner said “For Pakistan, climate change could be catastrophic. That is why we are working together on trees and finance, and mobilising leading Pakistani businesses. This £55m new funding will ensure Pakistan becomes more resilient to climate impacts, with more sustainable water use and greater access to climate finance, so improving lives and livelihoods.”

More than 120 heads of state and government had gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, which is being billed as vital for the continued viability of the Paris Agreement, which countries signed in 2015 by promising to limit global temperature rises to well below two degrees Celsius, and to work for a safer 1.5 degrees Celsius cap.

Let’s see if Pakistan judiciously utilises the promised money and improves the climate situation in the country. PAK DESTINY

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