‘Establishment agrees on snap polls Nawaz not’ — Nawaz and Zardari have differences over the choice of new army chief

'Establishment agrees on snap polls Nawaz not' -- Nawaz and Zardari have differences over the choice of new army chief

By Raza Ruman

    The establishment has reportedly agreed on ousted prime minister Imran Khan’s demand to hold snap polls but PMLN Quaid Nawaz Sharif is not conceding it apparently because of seeing massive popularity of Khan.

   Dawn reported on Sunday that the establishment has said yes to snap polls but Nawaz Sharif is afraid of Imran Khan’s popularity knowing that going to fresh polls means a clear defeat for PMLN and PDM other parties.

   “Nawaz Sharif was not showing any flexibility over the options presented to him, including on the question of holding snap polls. Elder Sharif is not willing to budge on the suggestions conveyed to him by the powers that be through his brother Shehbaz.”

  Nawaz wants army chief of his choice — Zardari proposes other name

   PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari has communicated to Nawaz his party’s choice for the slot of the army chief. “The Sharif brothers have someone else in mind. PM Shehbaz will take the PPP leadership into confidence upon his return in this respect.”

     PTI insider claimed the military establishment had agreed to Mr Khan’s demand for holding snap polls, but Nawaz Sharif was not ready to concede. “The delay in the premier’s return from this context,” he added.

   If Nawaz does not agree on the end the establishment knows the remedy to this. PAK DESTINY

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