Moonis sees reconciliation between Khan and powers that be will be beneficent for Pakistan

By Irum Saleem

Moonis sees reconcilation between Khan and powers that be will be beneficient for Pakistan

     PTI senior leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi has said the country can progress if reconciliation is made between PTI chairman Imran Khan and the powers that be.

     One hopes this acrimony ends and Pakistan is put back on road to progress. The common man is suffering immensely because of soaring prices as well as inflated electricity bills.

     Moonis has expressed his hope that only reconciliation between Mr Khan and the powers that be will end the acrimony and will be beneficient for the  country.

Senior journalist Arifa Noor also underlines the need of reconciliation. “The unhealthy focus on the political situation — over security matters — can have unforeseen ramifications. If there is already a sense of alienation or distrust among the people, will it be aggravated or addressed by an election result which brings to power forces that don’t enjoy popular support? For at some stage, there will be a need to address the security challenge in the province, which is not possible without the local people’s support,” she says.

   The battles at the top may be important, but strategies shouldn’t be planned without taking into account public sentiments. One can only hope someone has their ear to the ground as well. PAK DESTINY

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