Mubashir Lucman’s remorse and no audit of Rs8bn spent on BOL TV by Shoiab Shaikh

By Sarmad Ali

While BOL TV’s Rs8bn investment has gone down the drain an anchor is repenting as why he supported it’s owner — Shoaib Sheikh.

SAMA TV anchor Mubashir Lucman has a great remorse for advocating the architect of fake degrees.
“One of the biggest mistakes i made was to believe in Shoaib Shaikh and fight for BOL TV case,” Lucman tweeted.
Shoaib Sheikh has been convicted in the fake degree case but no body is inquiry from where this Rs8bn had come from which he invested in his misadventure of BOL media.

Will Lucman who is remorsing today dare to do a programme on this? Pak Destiny

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