100 days of Imran Khan’s detention — a party that never was

— PTI terms Khan’s arrest unlawful, unjust, demands immediate release

— Khan being punished for his commitment to pursuit of ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’  

— PTI urges SC to take up the gauntlet to restore constitution, rule of law in true sense

— Insists free, fair polls a sole magic potion to current untold crises

100 days of Imran Khan's detention -- a party that never was

By Irum Saleem

 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan completes his 100th day in jail.

  The PTI terms it illegal, unconstitutional, immoral and unjust incarceration for the last 100 days because he is not ready to compromise on his principled stance and mission of ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ of the nation aimed at making Pakistan a truly independent democratic state.

PTI spokesperson, in a statement issued on Tuesday said the completion of 100 days of illegal incarceration of Pakistan’s most popular leader is cruel, unlawful, unjustified and unfair.

    Imprisonment of PTI chairman, who was the prisoner of conscience, it said.

    “Khan is simply being punished for sticking to his principles, uncompromising nature and firm and unwavering stance to restore the sanctity of the constitution and uphold the supremacy of rule of law in the country.”

   The PTI spokesperson noted that Imran Khan’s 100 days unjust detention was a metaphor of courage, steadfastness and righteousness.

He demanded that the Supreme Court (SC) should come forward to save the state from a major disaster, which was standing at the most critical juncture of its history and took up the gauntlet to resolve the crises by restoring the constitution and rule of law in the country in its true letter and spirit.

PTI Spokesperson urged that PTI Chairman should be immediately released from the unjust imprisonment and the ongoing process of crushing PTI through use of the state power should be abandoned forthwith and an environment of free and transparent elections should be created so as people could exercise their right to vote without any fear.

   He recalled that the state had been trampling the constitution, law and values under its feet for the last 20 months to break the morale of the most reliable and beloved leader of the nation, adding that he was being subjected the worst cruelty, brutality and bullying but by the grace of God, all the brutal tactics of the Yazidism and its cronies were proving to be unsuccessful and useless.

   “From being shot in an assassination attempt to his house being attacked, vandalized, tear gassed and now illegally incarcerated in a small cell while being denied access to justice, Imran Khan has stood on his principles and remained true to every word and claim of his,” he added.

PTI spokesperson vowed: “History will remember him for standing on the right side when it mattered, along with over 10,000 other prisoners of conscience, and those who sacrificed their lives for Pakistan’s Haqeeqi Azadi.”

PTI spokesperson made it clear that the victim of the unjust imprisonment, Imran Khan, along with his message of real freedom of the nation, was echoing in the hearts and minds of every Pakistani.

He pointed out that new methods of brutality and state fascism were being adopted after every defeat to remove the brave incarcerated leader from the heart of the nation.

However, he added that these criminal mindset people occupying the country played havoc with the entire state system as they destroyed the constitution, economy, law, politics, governance, legislature and justice system but they miserably failed in achieving nefarious goals.

PTI spokesperson lamented that the Pakistan of the great Quaid and Iqbal was plunged into the abyss of lawlessness, corruption, anarchy and personal and institutional dictatorship.

He went on to say that the people were deprived of their right of the universal constitutional position of power and authority and turned them into slaves and democracy was made captive in the state penitentiary.

PTI spokesperson noted that the brave leader of the nation refused to accept his 240 million Pakistanis as a herd to be driven by sticks and guns by a few state functionaries.

He underlined the need that it was a must to put an immediate halt on the ongoing series of atrocities and crackdowns against PTI leaders and workers for the survival and development of Pakistan.

PTI Spokesperson reiterated that holding of free, fair, impartial and transparent elections were the sole panacea to internal chaos and national harmony.

He made it clear that neither PTI Chairman nor 240 million Pakistani people would accept anything less than the restoration of the sanctity of the constitution, upholding rule of law, the restoration of the decisive position of the republic, the return of democracy to its original form and the true freedom of the nation. PAK DESTINY

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