Mystery shrouds ‘attack’ on second wife of Ahmed Noorani

Mystery shrouds 'attack' on second wife,ambreen faima, of Ahmed Noorani

By Irum Saleem

Mystery shrouds on the attack of second wife of investigative journalist Ahmad Noorani in Lahore.
Ambreen Fatima, a Nawai Waqt reporter was allegedly intercepted by motorcyclists who smashed the windows of her car.

According to FIR, Ambreen Fatima with her two minor children left her house in Ghaziaabad at 8pm on Wednesday when she reached an adjoining street, an unidentified person raced towards the car and struck the vehicle’s windscreen three to four times with an iron object.”

However she remained safe.
Fatima is second wife of Noorani who contacted marriage to her over three years ago.
Ahmed Noorani is in the US and he released the audio tape of former chief justice Saqib Nisar in which he said to bring Imran Khan to power punishment to Nawaz and Maryam will have to be given.

Maryam Nawaz said in a tweet: “Fascist regime is at it again as they have a go at an unarmed, helpless woman, targeting her vulnerability just because she’s related to someone who is exposing them to the core. I am appalled to say the least but not at all surprised. God be with you Ambreen.”

However, there is also another view on social media that Fatima staged the drama to get asylum in the US.
Soon she will be going to the US, it said. PAK DESTINY

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