Scott Bennett calls Maryam Nawaz “Mafia princess”

Scott Benett calls Maryam Nawaz "Mafia princess"

By Irum Saleem

Mafia’s Princess  (Story No: 3 — put out by writer and comedian Scott Bennett on X account on Friday.

   He is the one who is among those made documentary “Behind the closed doors” in which corruption of some developing countries ruling elites like Sharifs.

“Mafia’s Princess , a cunning and power-hungry political leader, orchestrated a sophisticated plan to control her nation. Leveraging her influence over the media, she manipulated public perception through propaganda, presenting a carefully crafted image of progress and stability,” Benett said

   “Simultaneously, princess strategically cultivated ties with military leaders, ensuring their loyalty by offering privileges and promotions. In return, she used the military to suppress dissent and opposition, securing her regime’s stronghold.”

   Scott Benett further said “Behind closed doors, she engaged in corrupt practices, embezzling funds and manipulating policies for personal gain. Her media control allowed her to divert attention from her misdeeds while projecting an illusion of national prosperity.” PAK DESTINY

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