Nawaz Sharif struggling to control his ‘anger’

By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) Mian Nawaz Sharif is ‘badly’ wounded. He is angry and need to exhaust himself.
His anger is on the top of the pyramid these days. A very old myth in Punjabi is… we all feel anger against the weaker. It is wrong… anger is always there, whenever anybody faces such type of circumstance which is not desirable to him, he gets angered.

The person who causes to create this anger may be weaker or the stronger part of the society. To manage anger with patience is a mixture of science and art. We do believe that our nation needs to learn this phenomenon. We all know every action has reaction. Reaction is an ultimate freedom to choose your action in a given set of circumstances.
Nobody should control your reactions, because it is your choice. So, be careful in using this great power. Honestly speaking, it is your power which decides your fate. Do mind, one can choose ones action but can’t the consequence of this action.

Nobody should control your reactions, because it is your choice. So, be careful in using this great power.

In present situation, Nawaz Sharief has decided to show his power by traveling on GT Road. This is his reaction against the famous decision of Supreme Court. Mian gee utilizing his ultimate freedom, power to choose for a so called long march. We do believe that he thinks only its brighter part. Its darker part may need to be worked out, like:

  • There may be some causality which would need to fix the responsibilities. Who will take this responsible?
  • A negative response of general public.
  • A collusion of PML (N) workers with PTI workers.
  • A disobedience of SC decision.
  • It may create certain problem to Punjab Government.

How to manage anger, a small practical example – Just think about very small creature mange to reach below your belt at the one of your important organ, how you would manage it. Can you beat him or you choose to treat it genteelly? – Pak Destiny


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