Newly defined ‘corruption’ is there but not enough to send CM Buzdar home?

Newly defined 'corruption' is there but not enough to send CM Buzdar home

By Raza Ruman

Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a strange logic to retain Usman Buzdar Punjab chief minister despite despite some glaring ‘corruption’ charges against him.

PM Khan in an interview to his name sake Imran Khan of GNN who has been in news these days for his palatial house he made with ‘honest’ money disclosed that giving jobs to relatives of CM Buzdar is not a corruption as they are from poor areas and must be obliged.

Listen to Khan and you will be shocked.

What else corruption is then.

Since there has been growing calls from the establishment to send poor Buzdar home Imran is still reluctant.

As the affairs in Punjab are badly managed the people are suffering a lot because of no control over price hike.

Besides this, something is not going good in the ranks of PTI. See the clip of the PTI rally. On PM Khan’s arrival , the PTI ran a song “dekho dekho kon aya, Chor aya (see a thief is coming)”.

The PTI needs to put its house in order to provide relief to the masses. — PAK DESTINY

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