Pak media abusing Parental Guide (PG) in rat race

Islamabad, Oct 8 ( Pak media is broadcasting PG-18 (parental guidance)during the time slots in which families usually watch TV together.
Most of these programs following the recent trend of sting operations usually explore topics that one cannot view with kids around.
Programs like “Sarr-e-Aam, Khufiya and Undercover” are doing ‘good work’ but viewer discretion should not only be ADVISED by the channel; some steps should also be taken to ensure it.
Just by displaying PG-18 at the corner of the screen does not give any channel the licence to air these programs at anytime they want.
All channel owners instead of only making money should consider this scenario and take appropriate action so that one can safely browse through channels while sitting with their families at tea time or dinner. By Hammad A. Mateen


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