PEMRA’s mysterious silence on pro-PTI BOL anchor’s ‘attack’ on its office

PEMRA's mysterious silence on pro-PTI BOL anchor's 'attack' on its office

By Nazim Malik

Why Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) is keeping a mysterious silence on the story of journalist Umer Cheema in which he disclosed that BOL TV anchor Asad Kheral “took hostage the PEMRA Lahore office officials” and forced them to withdraw a fine notice against him.

To the surprise of many the champion government of Imran Khan that is deadly against protocol has given Kheral and some other pro PTI anchors police security. Such anchors are using this police security for their personal agenda and activities. And this is what Cheema said in his story.

If Cheema story is true which appears so in the face of the documents he shared PEMRA should pack up and be going home. One has sympathetic view for PEMRA as what it can do to nail Imran Khan government favourite journaliata/anchors and media owners. They are given state security at the expense of taxpayers money. Had some other party given this kind of security to anchors Imran Khan and his party men would have gone mad on it calling for justice.

What a shame that Prime Minister Khan has not yet take notice of this.
Such things go in banana Republic. Pak Destiny

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