Woman police officer mocks journalist Mubashir Zaidi for his “misleading” report

By Nazim Malik

Woman police officer, amna baig, mocks journalist Mubashir Zaidi for his "misleading" report

A senior woman police officer of Punjab police took on so called known journalist Mubashir Zaidi for running a misleading report related to a rape incident and reminded him to do responsible journalism.

Mubashir Zaidi tweeted:

“A woman from Rawalpindi claiming her 7 year old was raped by neighbor. Police made the arrest but took money from the mother who’s a widow and extremely poor for the medical examination of her daughter and now demanding more to register the case #punjabpolice”

Responding to Zaidi’s tweet, police officer Amna Baig said in a tweet:

“The incident reported below happened in my jurisdiction a month ago. Registered FIRs as soon as the complainants came to police station. Arrested accused in the next two hours. Went with the victims (and their mothers) for medical to hosp. Responsible journalism, where are you?”

Does Zaidi have anything to say to make his point after that. The police which notorious reputation on such issues therefor such senior journalists should not give a ground to police to mock them for their follies. Pak Destiny


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