PML-N playing ‘superbly’ to discredit JIT- WhatsApp controversy solved

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By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) The mystery of WhatsApp call controversy finally solved when the JIT told the Supreme Court that the chairman of Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan is behind it…means the PML-N government is using all its resources and touts in different departments to hamper the working of the JIT probing money laundering allegations on the Sharif family.

“The WhatsApp call controversy was stirred at the behest of the SECP chairman and the SC registrar was dragged in the controversy by him (SECP chairman),” the JIT told the SC.
The PML-N tout media group that had been clamoring on WhatsApp controversy and seeking its answer. Hopefully this media group whose headlines of its newspapers are finalised every evening a “PML-N lady,” may be satisfied by now.
The JIT report says how IB (Intelligence Bureau) is playing at the hands of the PML-N government. “It hacked the Facebook account of JIT member Bilal Rasul to retrieve the contents attached by Hussain Nawaz in his complaint before the Supreme Court,” it alleged and further revealed the private content on Mr Rasul’s Facebook account was accessed by Hussain Nawaz, ostensibly with the help of IB, which was an infringement of privacy.
The SC may take notice of this and direct the PML-N government to stop using its influence to coerce the JIT to get a result of its choice. Pak Destiny


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