New video scandal: Goof-up of Gilani’s son allows PTI to pounce on him a day before Senate polls

New video scandal: Goof-up of Gilani's son allows PTI to pounce on him a day before Senate polls

By Raza Ruman

Ali Haider Gillani — the goof son of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani has come in the trap of the PTI MNAs who made his video telling them how to waste their votes.

Gillani is contesting against the ruling PTI’s Hafeez Sheikh from Islamabad Senate poll, scheduled to be held on Wednesday.

The goofy seemed to have forgotten that these days vultures are out to record on video such meetings. But foolish son Gilani provided a much needed fodder to the PTI which had long established rather propagated on selling and buying of Senate votes by opposition but so far it is PTI which is mostly involved in it.

However with this new damning video Gillanis must be chided by Bilawal Bhutto.Ali Gilani has appeared to be a child in the field of politics.

Gilani’s sons — Abdul Qadir, Musa and Ali — were accused of making big money when he was prime minister.

Now one of them proved that he is not only poor in making such deals but his opponents are good at making him fool.

Gilani who has remote chances to win the Senate seat is facing a disqualification reference by PTI for his son’s sin. PAK DESTINY

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