PTI to ECP. — give shut-up call to tout and give us ‘bat’ election symbol

PTI to ECP. -- give shut-up call to tout and give us 'bat' election symbol

– Urges electoral watchdog to release ‘bat’ symbol to PTI instantly after submitting complete documents

– Reiterates free, fair polls sole answer to current Pakistan’s problems

By Raza Ruman

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities and give shut-up call to the tout and fraudster not to speak on the matter pending before the commission, demanding to instantly allot the electoral symbol “bat” to the party after holding intra-party elections.

Reacting to the press conference of the tout pertaining to the PTI’s intra-party elections, PTI spokesperson underlined the need that Pakistan needed political stability and free, fair and transparent polls were the sole panacea to the current crises.

He demanded that all political parties should be given equal opportunities in the electoral process because it was indispensable for the image of the country and credibility of the elections.

PTI spokesperson reminded that the PTI was the largest political party and most formidable political force of the country, adding that without PTI or its leadership, neither there was any concept of fair and transparent elections nor the people would people it such polls.

He emphasized that the nation was well-aware of the state’s efforts to exclude PTI from the political process. PTI spokesperson recalled that maintaining neutrality and impartiality of the electoral watchdog was pre-requisite for the stability of the constitution and democracy as well as credibility and transparency of the elections.

PTI spokesperson demanded that the ECP should discourage the misleading statements of anarchists and hired guns along with unknown petitioners who were sowing the seed of chaos.

He said that the application of a slanderous tout, who had been expelled from the PTI through a legal process since September 2011 and deprived of its core party membership, was a conspiracy to entangle the electoral body.

PTI spokesperson urged that it was responsibility of the electoral watchdog to stop the liars and charlatan from speaking on the matter pending before the commission.

He made it clear that despite the serious reservations, PTI conducted intra-party elections as per the party’s constitution and law in the light of the ECP’s decision and submitted complete documents to the Commission in this regard.

PTI spokesperson demanded that the ECP should pay no heed to such anarchists and issue the party’s electoral symbol of “bat” without any further delay. PAK DESTINY

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