PTI govt lavish spending on completion of its 100 days

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Iram Salim

What a lavish spending of PTI government on ads in all newspapers shows that when it comes to cheap publicity Imran Khan is no different from that of the Sharifs.

In all today’s newspapers three is a front quarter page and third page advertisement disclosing about its 100 days performance. In the days of PMLN government such things were witnessed on regular basis. Why the PTI government needs such a publicity on completion of its 100 days.

Even Punjab handpicked chief minister Usman Buzdar has started following his predecessor Shahbaz Sharif as he too published his picture in an ad on south Punjab development program. The PTI must not spend from national exhequre for its government cheap publicity stunts.

Slain governor Salman Taseer son Sheryar tweeted:”Unless my memory is failing me, (highly doubtful) in the weeks leading up to the elections, I remember the CJ had taken notice and banned the gov from displaying their faces on state issued advertisement.

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