Samaa TV owner Aleem Khan keen to be part of Hamza’s cabinet even for a brief stint

Samaa TV owner Aleem Khan keen to be part of Hamza's cabinet even for a brief stint
  • PTI believes masses will teach a lesson to lotas (turncoats) like Aleem in next polls

By Raza Ruman

    Owner of Samaa TV and PTI defector MPA Aleem Khan is keen to be part of new cabinet of PMLN led government in Punjab but a sword of disqualification is hanging over him for voting to Hamza Shahbaz in the chief minister election.

    Poor Aleem may get a ministry of his choice for a month or so as the Election Commission is going to de-seat him and 25 other PTI lotas (turncoats) for voting Hamza.

    By joining Sharifs, Aleem has at least be secured with reference to his NAB’s case of assets beyond his known sources of income and matters related to his housing societies.

    Aleem was embittered after Imran Khan ditched him after using him and his finances.

    Although Aleem and other lotas will contest on PMLN tickets in next elections, but there are chances they face the wrath of the people in their constituencies seeing the public currently and their reaction towards the lotas. PAK DESTINY

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