Outrage worldwide over raid at Imran Khan’s house at “behest of Maryam Nawaz” — Moonis decries police brutality

Outrage worldwide over raid at Imran Khan's house at "behest of Maryam Nawaz" -- Moonis decries police brutality

By Irum Saleem

As there has been outrage in and outside Pakistan over PTI chief Imran Khan’s house raided by police using bulldozers and tear gas, PTI says Maryam Nawaz is behind this attack.

Punjab Police stormed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence Lahore on Saturday, arresting 61 people and launching tear gas. Dozens PTI workers were injured. Police brutally tortured them.

    Police used bulldozers to smash down the main gates to the residence.

     The 70-year-old opposition leader has also claimed that his removal from power was part of a conspiracy by his former army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa  and the United States.

     PTI leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi said in a tweet: “Unbelievable and pathetic what they are doing at Zaman park. Now these morons will do a presser and put fake recovery of ammunition etc. Rule of law has ended in Pakistan.”

  PTI leader Shireen Rehman said: “Domestic staff of Chairman PTI at Zaman Park has been brutally tortured by cops vandalising the house in sheer violation of Lahore High Court’s orders. Cook Safeer, has been taken away by police after beating up driver. Shaukat & Sweeper Ishaq. Their personal belongings including cash & mobile phones have also been confiscated by the violent cops!”

   Imran Khan said in a tweet: “Am grateful to masses that came when I went for my court  appearance. Everyone knows ruling cabal of crooks has only one aim, to jail me any which way till elections are over.  Already 96 cases on me & am sure after my appearance today I will hit my first century of court cases.” PAK DESTINY

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