Try Again Imran Khan

Try Again Imran Khan

By Aniq Khan

Government of Pakistan has just announced a new law in our educational structure which statuses that the students till class 7th won’t be said that they have failed.

As an alternative, they will be stated to “Try Again”. It looks to me like that government made this rule for their Prime Minister i.e., Imran Khan. Star cricketer and current Prime minister of Pakistan has failed to deliver. It’s been almost 2 years now to his government. He has engaged us to a level where we can’t even visualize a luxury life style with a run-of-the-mill income. Attack of taxes with no aids have made people go irrational.

Due to letdown of government, Imran Khan is fronting a lot of criticism which I think he deserves. People had too much hopes from him but he seems to be a catastrophe against the promises he made to the public. He’s busy only in taking revenge from his political rivals. Someone needs to tell Mr.Khan that this is not the way to do politics. Politics isn’t about catching the thieves, it’s about the betterment of nation, economy and mainly system.

Imran Khan needs to come out of politics of opposition, he needs to emphasis on real things. He can’t make public fool any longer by saying that he will not give NRO to anyone. Because people have nothing to do with the NRO. All they need is a restored Pakistan with forward-thinking facilities. I know I am sounding too wired to you, but this is what I’ve been keeping in myself from a long time as I was expecting that maybe Imran Khan will do something good which I’ll appreciate. But regrettably, I have nothing to escalate, but a lot to carp. Other day, there were news like that Imran Khan after monitoring national media is now trying to rheostat social media as well. He tried to make a digital media wing under information ministry. But he got no financial back from Financial advisor Hafeez Sheikh. Sources said that Hafeez Sheikh refused to pay the amount as there wasn’t any extra budget for any project.

I know after reading this, a lot of people will come out in courtesy of Imran Khan and they will be saying things like that Imran Khan has made a positive image of Pakistan at international level or his supporters will be seen telling us about the triumphs of Imran Khan at international mediums. Let me answer such people. Common man of the society doesn’t have anything to do with whatever Imran khan is doing worldwide. All they bill is what our Prime Minister is doing at home-grown level for them. Few days back, a senior journalist on a private TV channel said that now it doesn’t matter to people if its Imran Khan our Prime Minister or not. All they need is a two times meal and a middling pay status in which they can survive.

Dissatisfaction of people from government and our very own handsome Prime Minister is just giving Imran Khan an orthodox message that “Try Again Imran Khan” and I hope that this time if he’ll try to be in government another time, he won’t be chosen by general public. Pak Destiny

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