Will Usman Buzdar step down after lawyers violence that caused four deaths? PTI is blamed for fanning culture of intolerance

Will Usman Buzdar step down after lawyers violence that caused four deaths? PTI is blamed for fanning culture of intolerance

By Iram Saleem

     After a complete breakdown of law and order in Lahore in which four patients died because of lawyers violence at Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) on Wednesday will Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar resign?

Extremely bad governance of Buzdar and company

Do any answer Prime Minister Imran Khan have after this bad governance of the Buzdar administration? Punjab is left to be ruled by rowdy elements and its helpless administration is sleeping over it.       Imran Khan is playing havoc with the people of Punjab for imposing a complete puppet administration and CM in the province. Time does not seem to be far away when the people will rise against him and force him either quit government or change the poor Buzdar.

Complete breakdown of law and order in Punjab

Hundreds of lawyers besieged the PIC to teach a lesson to the doctors who had a quarrel with a group of lawyers a couple of weeks ago. The lawyers vandalised the hospital and beat doctors and paramedics. Doctors left the treating patients to save their lives. In a result of that some four patients died.

Who needs to be blamed… lawyers or PTI? It is the PTI that has watered the culture of intolerance for years. Now it is equally responsible for creating this culture of intolerance. Imran Khan has been also doing the politics of divisiveness and this is the result of this. Pak Destiny     


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